mind your beeswax.....

BeeKeepers are capable of lasting a year, depending on how often they are used and how they are taken care of.  


most importantly, keep them away from all heat sources; microwaves, conventional ovens, hot water, hot cars, direct sunlight, etc...  the beeswax will melt away and leave you with a piece of fabric, if not careful.  


cleaning can be a matter of simply brushing the crumbs off your BeeKeeper.  if brushing is not enough, use cool water and a sponge/rag to loosen food particles.  when needed, a mild soap can be used to add stronger cleaning power.  remember not to use any heavy degreasers as this will wear the BeeKeeper out a little faster than normal.


we do not recommend wrapping raw meat with BeeKeepers.  because hot water shouldn't be used on BeeKeepers, using them on raw meat could introduce harmful bacterias.